Personal Fitness

Health & Wellness is a lifestyle choice.
The choice is up to YOU!
YOU can make a change.
​Make a choice today and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Online Personal Training/Coaching and one-on-one training (Denver Metro Area) options available.


DISCLAIMER:    YOU vs. YOU provides Certified Personal Training with nutritional guidance.  The information provided by YOU vs. YOU is NOT a substitute of a qualified medical professional for the purpose of diagnosing serious medical conditions.  There is no guarantee of results from any of the programs administered by YOU vs. YOU; results are based solely off of how well you follow your individual plan.  A healthy diet and workout regimen will produce varied results for individuals as no two people are alike.  YOU vs. YOU does not offer a lifestyle recommendation and does not promote an "off season" but rather a whole person “YOU” approach to a healthy lifestyle which will produce noticeable, long-term results when followed properly.